Bootcamp Ideas for Personal Trainers Starting a Business

With bootcamp businesses becoming more popular these days many personal trainers are looking for bootcamp ideas to start up their own bootcamp business. They are tired of paying a portion of their personal training profits to the gym for using their facilities for training sessions. With bootcamp training sessions they can provide their services to more clients at a time and make more money even if they are charging less.

If you live in a warm climate your bootcamp business won’t cost you much to start-up or run. Many trainers will use their local park to run their bootcamps as they are usually free and people would rather be outside getting fresh air. They have a large amount of flexibility as they are available anytime you chose to use them. The only downside is that people may decide to follow your bootcamp from a distance and not pay the fees or another personal trainer may be spying on what you do for your bootcamp to copy you.

Here are some bootcamp ideas for the types of bootcamps you could have:

  • All female – Women only bootcamp. Many women feel more confident when they aren’t working out around men.
  • All male – Men only, increased intensity for muscle building.
  • Bridal bootcamp – Brides to be and their bridesmaids working out together.
  • Mom and baby – Many mothers want to get out of the house to workout and they can also make new friends for play dates.
  • Seniors bootcamp – Some older people will be discouraged from joining a regular bootcamp because they feel they can keep up with the younger crowd. They want to find people they have more in common with.
  • Singles only – This type of bootcamp is great for single people that want to get to the gym but want to get out and meet someone as well.
  • Couples only – This is a great way to get a workout with partner and meet other people with similar interests.
  • Pregnancy – A workout class for mothers to be focusing on exercises they can do even while they are pregnant.
  • Fat loss, muscle building, cardio, abs or any other fitness goals.
  • Kettlebell – Would require you or your clients to have a kettlebell. Great for fat burning.
  • Stability Ball – Stability ball exercises focusing on core strength.

As you can see there are many different bootcamp ideas you can come up with for the type of bootcamp to have. The best approach would be to involve your current personal training clients in your decision. Find out what kind of bootcamp they would like to join if they are interested in joining one.

The 5 Criteria to Judge Your Personal Trainer On

Hiring a personal trainer is a big step to taking fitness or weight loss serious. No longer are you casually exercising at the gym, the use of a trainer means that it's time for a directed and professionally managed approach. However, like all services, there is a clear discrepancy in quality and specialty that will change the results you see from personal training sessions. To ensure you're getting exactly what you pay for, the following are 5 criteria that personal trainers should be judged upon; no more, no less.

1. Experience / Education – Firstly, a personal trainer must carry specific certifications to be allowed to practice at weight loss centers and gyms. Look into the school that trained your prospective trainer, and make sure that they hold to your expected standards. Also, it may be a good idea to find a professional that specializes in a field you wish to excel in, eg muscle building, cardio, toning, weight loss. Though all trainers will have insight, some will be more prepared than others for specialized program goals.

2. Personality – As stated above, personal trainers are really a service industry at heart. You're paying for expertise and personal interaction from someone who will guide your fitness plan. If you simply do not mesh with the personality of the person you've hired, do not be afraid to switch to a different trainer by consulting with the manager of the weight loss center or gym. There will be no awkwardness or drama. Sometimes personalities don't fit, and they will need to fit to ensure the best results possible.

3. Attention / Focus – The attention of the personal trainer will be evident quickly. Their job and service is to make sure that you are working out safely and effective. While you're performing the exercises, they should be watching for things like form and the energy you're expending; and they should be adjusting your program accordingly. Checking their phone, hands in pockets while you're lifting, or allowing your program to stagnate over the weeks are the red flags you're looking for.

4. Adaptability – If your fitness goals change, it's never too late to change programs. Being afraid to put forth the work to achieve a goal, that's one thing; but if a trainer is resistant to changing a program when your goals themselves change, the trainer isn't fulfilling their end of the service. Personal trainers should be knowledgeable and dynamic in the programs they design, not rigid and pedantic.

5. Results – Finally, are you seeing a change? Is your body transforming, becoming stronger? Are you seeing the rewards from gym and weight loss center visits that you outlined to your personal trainer? If you find yourself unable to answer this positively, it may be time to switch. If you've found that personality and attention fit, give them a chance. At the end of the day, trust your instinct if you feel you can be gaining more from the service of a different trainer.

A personal trainer is a guide that will take your exercise program into a new direction and reach a higher level of fitness than you could without. Finding the right trainer is imperative. Be mindful and critical, and you'll find the trainer that can produce results for making the best You possible.